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Pôle santé Henri Arnault
Saint-Sulpice la Pointe

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Regulated in France since 2007, osteopathy is a health profesion that uses natural, sustainable and holistic care methods.

"Osteopathy, in a systemic approach, after osteopathic diagnosis, conductsmobilizations and manipulationsto treat the osteopathic dysfunctions of the human body.
These mobilizations and manipulations are intended to prevent or remedy the dysfunctions in order to maintain or improve the state of healthof the patient."

- JORF n°0289 from 14/12/2014. Annex 1

In short, an osteopath diagnoses and treats many health disorders.

The human body possesses multiple systems (digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, immune, etc.) that interact to attain homeostasis. The proper functions of these systems can be disrupted by many causes :trauma, stress, poor diet, poor posture, improper movements or by recognized pathologies.
Osteopathy is a practice of manually acting acting on the body's tissue mobility by making precise and adapted gestures to improve the patient's health.

The formation

A 5 years degree allows the osteopath to acquire a torough knowledge of anatomy, pyhsiology and pathology.
These allow her to offer safe care for all.

The approach

The osteopath's role is to take time to understand the patient. She listens and examine in order to better target the cause of symptoms that the patient may experience.
The "systemic approach" of osteopathy consists in performing specific gestures to treat these symptoms.

Consultations and prices

Elizabeth's office is located at the Pôle Santé Henri Arnault at the 120 Avenue des Terres Noires à Saint-Sulpice la Pointe. Located on the first floor, Elizabeth shares the waiting room with several other health professionals. Just ring the bell and enter and she will be available as soon as possible.

Opening hours

Consultations by apointment only.
Open Monday to Friday 8am-20pm
Saturday 8am-12pm
At the office and home visits.

Price : 50€

Home visits are exclusively reserved for patients physically unable to travel. Mileage allowances are applicable depending on the distance.

Consultation process

A consultation lasts about 1 hours and includes :

  • A talk about the patient's history and the reason for the consultation,
  • A clinical and also osteopathic examination,
  • The osteopathic treatment,
  • A post-treatment assessment to explain what the osteopath did, answer the patient's questions, and to schedule the next appointment if necessary

The osteopath adapts to their patient. Her work is to take into account the patient's comfort by using the most appropriate methods according to the age, morphologyand the patient's contraints to achieve a holistic treatment.

Sessions reimbursing

An osteopathic consultation is not covered by your social security, but may be covered by your mutual insurance. Ask your mutual insurance representative about reimbursing osteopathic treatments.

Your osteopath

In 2009, Elizabeth left the city of New Orleans in the United States and started a new life in the Midi-Pyrenees area. She got her degree in July 2016 at L’Institut Toulousain d'Ostéopathie, a school accredited by the Minister of Social Affairs, Health and Women's Rights.
She is a member of the Syndicat Français des Ostéopathes (SFDO), osteopath for the Rugby Club Saint Sulpice XV (RCS XV) and works as a volunteer with the association Enfant Handicapé Espoir Ostéopathique (EHEO) in Toulouse and in Albi.

Your osteopath's studies

5-year cursus at L'Institut Toulousain d'Ostéopathie including about 1000 hours of internship and internal clinic. This formation also includes experience and training in pediatric treatment, posturology, osteopathy for athletes et micrnonutrition.

She worked with Orthopedist Dr. Nicolas NEZRY at the Hospital of Moissac and Castelsarrasin rehabilitation center.

A dissertation was presented at the end of the 5th year to validate the osteopathic degree. She received high honorable distinction for her dissertation :
"Postoperative Osteopathic Treatment Influences in Total Knee Replacements"

With the diploma, Elizabeth bares the title "D.O. T.O." meaning "Dimpômé d'Ostéopathie" (Osteopathic Graduate), "Titre d'Ostéopathe" (Official Title of Osteopath).

Osteopathy in companies

Nowadays studies show that employees suffer more and more from stress but also from back pain and MSD (Musculoskeletal Disorder), offering an osteopathic service directly in your company can be beneficial for you and your employees.

The benefits of osteopathy on your employees

  • A better working environment for your employees
  • Prevention of employee unhappiness
  • A decrease in the number of work stoppages
  • An increase in productivity at work

The solution offered by your osteopath

  • Organisation of appointments in companies